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Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state
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Why on earth do men prefer to chase shadow rather than the substance?
Why is it that some people treat the symptoms instead of the virus?
Why do humans defend falsehood, while fighting the truth?
Does it make sense to clampdown on the victims of aggression instead of the aggressors?

A society that abhors Activists, should desist from unjust acts.
I have so many questions to ask the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, on why he spends much time and energy threatening those he claims are inciting the Southern Kaduna people to rise up and defend themselves against the merchants of death, the marauding Fulani herdsmen.
What I can’t understand is why any sane mind could term someone’s advice to a victim of incessant butchery and wanton destructions to protect themselves against further attacks as incitement.
From all indication it seems like Malam el-Rufai is more interested in dealing with those asking the victims to protect themselves against further attacks, than fighting the attackers, and defending the victims. It’s unfortunate and I am not surprised at all, because over time I have maintained that people like el-Rufai and President Buhari are religious, ethnic and tribal bigots.
It is high time Mallam el-Rufai should face reality by confronting his fellow Fulanis who are the aggressors and, stop trying to shout down people who try to enlighten the victims of his people’s attacks on how best to protect themselves and stop their further victimisation. The truth is that people can’t keep quiet anymore, if Mr. el-Rufai think the best way to stop possible reprisals and sustain the religious and politically motivated attacks on the good people of Southern Kaduna is to gag people he should think again.
I advice him to spend his energy in confronting and combating his kinsmen, the marauding normards, and merchants of death, and not those wailing over the pains and sorrows brought upon defenceless people across this nation.
For those who are wondering why el-Rufai is more concerned about dealing with people like FFK, Audu Maikori, and others who are speaking up against the barbarism of this uneducated religious terrorist instead of the terrorists themselves.

The truth is that el-Rufai has the sympathy of this terrorists. This is part of the plot to make Nigerian Christians pay for the “debt they owe” for the Nigerian Army’s clampdown on Boko Haram. No matter what el-Rufai and President Buhari does, they cannot wash off the dent, the fact that they once spoke in defence of the Boko Haram, and threatened to deal with Nigeria because of the killing of the Islamic terrorists members. In sane climes, where true patriotism is upheld these characters could not have be elected into a political office.
Buhari said, “I condemn the injustice done against the Boko Haram members, the army is killing them and burning their houses, while at the same time, the government is taking good care of the Niger Delta militants”. This is what el-Rufai said over the Nigeria armies clampdown on Boko Haram “every blood of any Fulani killed is a debt that will be paid, no matter how long it may takes”.
With statements like this I am not surprised that el-Rufai is more concerned to deal with those who speak in defence of Southern Kaduna people, and not the Fulani aggressors. And again, I don’t expect him to do anything tangible to stop them.
But what is the rationale and wisdom in comparing the just cause of the Niger Delta militant’s agitation for justice and fair deal over decades of injustice and subjugation of their region by successive Nigerian governments.
But let el-Rufai know that no matter his threats and shenanigans, he can’t stop the voices of reason from across Nigeria and overseas from speaking and helping the defenceless people across Nigeria who have fallen victims of the irresponsible and barbaric attacks of his fellow Fulanis device means and ways of defending themselves against future attacks. If this evil is not stopped, very soon the hunters shall become the hunted.
Let me conclude this article with a Nimbo adage which says that “if you keep bringing light to the face of the blind, he will start seeing”. By this I mean that this constant attacks on defenceless Nigerians, will soon make them to defend themselves, and even start attacking their attackers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


Raph McJulius Enechi is Prophet, Poet, Author and The Senior Pastor of THE BALANCED CHURCH, Lagos Nigeria. He can be reached on Email: or 07089911773.

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